The Two Quickest Ways to Organically Grow Your Content Licensing Revenue

For many of our partners, they see content licensing revenue but want to know what they can do to generate even more.

If you are looking to generate more revenue organically through content licensing, you’ve got to actually do something with the brand equity you already have.

That “something” is dependent on several factors, which is one of the main reasons publishers choose to work with a content licensing agency. Those that live in this space day in and day out understand what works, what to look for and missed opportunities.

Don’t just pat yourself on the back because of the equity you’ve built. Take it a step further and put it to work.

1. Stop giving away free content

Consider this an internal approach. Are all facets of your business on board with your approach to content licensing? In other words, is your editorial or advertising team giving away your assets for free?

The last thing you want to do is chip away the value and equity your brand has earned by not having a clear approach communicated with every member of your organization.

2. Work with a licensing agency

You’re seeing content licensing revenue results, but you want more. Rightfully so, you’re likely missing opportunities.

While we’d love to offer you the answer on a silver platter, it’s not as simple or something we can articulate in a simple blog post.

Each brand is different. Each brand has a voice. Each brand has an audience. Each brand has opportunities.

Taking all of those aspects of your publication and then delivering tangible growth plans is where we come in. A content licensing agency that not only works in this space but paves the new approaches and strategies that publishers are implementing to see results.

It’s time to grow.