Pocket-lint Sees 6-Figure Revenue Growth With Wright’s Media

Since its founding in 2003, Pocket-lint, the largest independent gadget website in the UK, has striven to remain a trusted global authority on all things consumer tech, informing the world about the tech that matters through in-depth buyer guides, articles, and reviews.

That focus on tech has clearly struck a chord, resulting in some of the most highly regarded brands in the industry–Apple, Samsung Sky, and LG–all quoting Pocket-lint in their marketing within the last couple of years.

Leveraging Wright’s Media expertise to focus on content licensing

Knowing the Pocket-lint brand was starting to see some real traction they decided to make licensing a focus and had two main goals. The first of course, was being able to create a new diversified revenue stream and the second was to find a way to license their current content and the Pocket-lint brand to a much wider audience.

A new revenue stream was born

Fast forward to 2020 when Pocket-lint begins a new partnership with Wright’s Media. In less than two years Wright’s was able to widen the depth of the Pocket-lint brand to companies like Apple, Huawei Technologies, and Dell extending their value well beyond the European market.

 “We now see licensing as one of the main pillars of our revenue intake,” said Stuart Miles, founder of Pocket-lint.

Today, Pocket-lint continues to see six-figure revenue growth from technology companies around the world through its partnership with Wright’s.