Content Licensing Solutions

    Grow your licensing revenue at no cost

    Take your influence and profits to a whole new level by allowing brands to license your editorial recognition.

Digital Licensing

Extend the impact of your brand by allowing companies you’ve recognized to leverage their award digitally through their website, social media, e-tailers and banner ads.

Product Packaging

Influence in-store buying decisions by allowing companies to leverage the award seal on their winning product.

Print Licensing

Let companies show off their recognition in life-size form through billboards, print ads, and retail displays.

Pull Quotes

Allow brands to utilize quotes from your articles for any type of promotional use.


We create custom reprints/eprints based on your specifications while maintaining the integrity of the article. Our reprints are available in print or digital formats, both of which are integral in helping clients sell and market their products by leveraging your brand.

Permission Sales

We grant permissions on behalf of our partners to any third party allowing them use of published content for non-promotional use. This could include but is not limited to headlines, full-pages, covers and articles.

Awards & Display Products

Allow brands to memorialize their hard-earned recognition through commemorative ancillary products. From banners and trophies, to visually stunning plaques and framed prints, our display products will be sure to turn heads.


revenue growth in year one

“By partnering with Wright’s Media, we’ve been able to extend our influence through cutting-edge accolade licensing programs and have seen a 800% increase in revenue in year one.”

Todd Britton-Simmons
VP of Marketing, Scotsman Guide, Inc.